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Scattering dust prevention agent

GK-100(Liquid type)


GK-100 (undiluted solution) is a specially manufactured soil stabilizer and hardener, covering large and small soil particles such as dirt roads, sand, coal, and soil, and construction sites, school playgrounds, and temporary events to suppress scattering. This is due to the high water content of the soil, and GK products were developed to supplement and reinforce it. The soil stabilizer reacts with calcium ions in the soil to form agglomerates strengthening the ground, and suppressing soil leakage and dust. The harmful effects of scattering dust is well known. It repeats the process of being finely pulverized by the friction of soil, and when it becomes very fine particles, it is blown into the air and penetrates into the body through the respiratory system, causing various diseases. A typical example is yellow dust. The components of yellow dust and fine scattering dust are as follows.

Elements Al Ca Fe Mg Cr
Content(%) 12.4 18.1 50.2 1.5 0.91


  • Dust mainly consists of SiO2 and other constituent materials such as Al2O3, Fe2O3, CaO, MgO depending on the type of dust. CaO, one of these components, is a calcareous material that directly affects global warming, and when reacted with water, it causes an exothermic reaction and has harmful properties to the human body. Since ancient times, even in rural areas, calcareous fertilizers were used only by adults wearing safety equipment due to its high toxicity. The components in these soils form a chemically stable crystal structure, so there is little chemical reactivity. However, a small amount of active polyvalent ions exist, and these components react with a high molecular compound, which is one of the components of the surface reinforcing agent, forming insoluble cross-links, thereby enabling stable bonding and fixation between soil particles. In addition, by forming an insoluble film at the same time as crosslinking, the abrasion of the soil surface is increased and the cohesiveness is increased, thereby suppressing scattering dust and reducing the loss rate.
Purpose Scattering dust prevention
How to use GK-100 : Water = 1 : 500
Precautions Avoid excessive water mixing.
Packaging/construction area 18L/Pail, 400㎡/1L
Theoretical application area 400m²/L
Storage/validation period 1) Store in a cool and dark place above 5℃ and below 30℃, never freeze.
2) Water-soluble matte / room temperature for 6 months / pure white

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