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GRAE-P100-Grae Bio SL

Cement-free, odorless, eco-friendly mortar

Grae Bio SL

What is diatomaceous earth self mortar?

It is an eco-friendly self mortar produced by mixing natural silica sand with a binder calcined hydraulic natural minerals such as diatomaceous earth at high temperature.

Product characteristics

  • 1. An eco-friendly material that does not contain any general cement.
  • 2.Strength development is fast, so follow-up work is possible after 24 hours. (In the case of higher than room temperature)
  • 3. Excellent strength.
  • 4. Excellent quality due to low crack generation.
  • 5. Great air permeability and has good anti-fungal and antibacterial effects.
  • 6. No smell.
  • 7. Excellent humidity control function and air purification ability.

Field of application

  • Where eco-friendly products on floor are required, such as apartments, houses, and shopping malls
  • Children's homes, art galleries, underground spaces, etc. where eco-friendliness of indoor buildings are required

Construction method

  • Construction Preparation Item
  • Grae Bio Self, Grae Limer-S
  • Construction order
  • Clean the surface before construction and apply primer sufficiently to the floor.
  • According to the recommended water ratio, first put water in the mixer containert and slowly add malt to mix for more than 5 minutes.
  • After placing about half of the primary thickness, place a wire mesh in the middle and finish the desired thickness on top.
  • Recommended water ratio: 16–17%

Construction Precautions

  • Refrain construction at 35℃ or higher and 90% or higher humidity.
  • Refrain construction if there is a lot of rain, snowfall, and wind or dust.
  • Observe the water ratio as excessive input of water can cause quality degradation.


  • 2-2.2kg/㎡/1mm

Theoretical application area

  • 4.3mm/3.3㎡/packets

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